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US port logistics firm rolls out Jade Master Terminal

New Zealand based software and solutions company, Jade, has reported success in a series of implementation projects at shipping terminals along the south-eastern coast of the United States.

Diversified Port Holdings (DPH), an integrated ports logistics business, selected Jade to implement its terminal operating system across five of its shipping terminals. The third installation has been completed in just six weeks.

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“Jade leads multicargo market”: World Cargo News

World Cargo News (Nov 2014) declares Jade Master Terminal the emerging market leader for multi-cargo terminals after a record quarter.

It’s no secret that we want Master Terminal to be the world’s number one mixed-cargo terminal operating system. So we’re delighted that late last year, readers of World Cargo News saw an article headed ‘Jade leads multi cargo market’.

This is the strongest signal yet that we’re closing in on our goal, after a very strong third quarter of 2014.

“Jade Logistics  is emerging as the TOS market leader for multi-cargo terminal applications. Jade secured contracts for 19 new terminals across the Middle East, Europe and Africa in Q3 alone, a very significant number of new terminal projects.”

But it’s not just one good quarter that earned the attention of World Cargo News. Our track record in the Americas shows why so many businesses are turning to Master Terminal.

“Jade is also enjoying a considerable run of success in North America, where it has completed the rollout of Master Terminal at five sites for Diversified Port Holdings (DPH) and won new contracts with Grupo CICE [Mexico], and with Alabama Steel Terminals.

“DPH’s terminals went live this year [2014]. Jade now manages and supports these installations from its office in the US. The Mobile installation was completed in just six weeks.”

We’re confident that 2015 will see more success for Master Terminal. As Capt. Kaustubh Dalvi, Master Terminal Director of Sales, told World Cargo News, “I have no doubt that very soon Master Terminal will become the de facto standard TOS for mixed cargo ports, setting benchmarks globally.”


Image of the Patriot Ports banner image four American flags flying high

Jade completes third successful implementation at Diversified Port Holdings

Jade Logistics’ today announced that it was past the half way mark of a five port implementation of its Master Terminal software in the United States. The successful implementation of Master Terminal in Mobile, Alabama is the third of five planned Diversified Port Holdings (DPH) sites and follows successful implementations in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale.

DPH, an integrated ports logistics business, selected Master Terminal to operate its five shipping terminals in the south-eastern United States. In particular DPH required Jade’s expertise in solving the complex problem of managing high volumes of disparate cargo, especially in Mobile where the port operation handles a mix of cargo including steel commodities and frozen produce. The installation was completed in the record time of six weeks, well ahead of schedule. DPH is now enjoying the benefits the  Master Terminal system brings to its operation and the port plans to extend the functionality to other areas of its business.

Impressed with the overall implementation, Dennis Rhodes, CIO at DPH said “Working with Jade gave us confidence that the implementation would deliver us the operational efficiencies we were looking to gain in our business. Jade’s flexibility and training enabled our staff to adapt quickly to the new technology.” David Lindsay, Jade’s Managing Director commented that the ability to implement Master Terminal in less than three months realized significant value for ports, reducing their costs.

“Successful implementations in these timeframes are unheard of in the industry and make the selection of Jade Master Terminal even more compelling for mixed cargo terminals,” said David.

The next implementation of  Master Terminal at DPH will be in New Orleans, scheduled for mid-April 2014.

Master Terminal is one of the world’s fastest growing terminal operating systems, having been implemented in Norway, Italy, UAE, USA, Iraq, Brazil, Ghana, Australia and New Zealand. It solves the complex problem of managing high volumes of disparate cargo. A highly reliable system that maximizes operational efficiency and improves competitiveness, the  Master Terminal product provides its customers with a single integrated view of their operations leading to increased productivity throughout the port. Rapid implementation makes Master Terminal the perfect fit for growing and ambitious ports.

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Jade kicks off 2013 with five-port sale

Jade Logistics today announces a significant ports new business win in mainland United States for its terminal operating system Master Terminal. 

Diversified Port Holdings (DPH)* an integrated ports logistics business will be implementing Master Terminal at five of its shipping terminals in the south-eastern United States (two in Jacksonville, and one in each of the following locations: Mobile, New Orleans and Port Everglades).

Jade Software Managing Director David Lindsay says the DPH contract is a significant opportunity for the company.

“It’s sizable in dollar terms and will also allow Jade to expand its footprint in the US and build on existing customer relationships in the market.

“Master Terminal stood out because it is uniquely suited to DPH’s mixed cargo ports, and offers a flexible and highly reliable system to manage operations.

“DPH is also focussed on improving efficiency and competing aggressively for market share, something that Master Terminal will equip them to do,” says Lindsay.

DPH’s decision process included a visit to New Zealand in July by five company representatives to review Master Terminal sites at Port Nelson, Port Otago and CentrePort.

DPH CIO Dennis Rhodes says: “After an extensive review of the Terminal Operating Systems available, Master Terminal was the only system that met the needs of our mixed cargo terminals. We were impressed by the functionality and use of Master Terminal and the capability of the Jade team.

“We expect, once implemented, that Master Terminal will result in improved efficiency across our terminals and lead to significant savings for the company,” says Rhodes.

Implementation at DPH ports will start in the first quarter of 2013.

Master Terminal is also enjoying considerable success in the Middle East, supporting the company’s aim to be the fastest growing terminal operating system provider in that region.

*DPH has since had a name change to Patriot Ports.