“Jade’s proven technology and strong support network gave us confidence that Master Terminal would enable us to compete for new business, increase efficiency, security and consumer confidence, while reducing our costs.”

Alice Torkornoo General Manager – Marketing and Business Development Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority

Our service program, Master Care, supports Master Terminal customers from initial configuration right through to day-to-day use of Master Terminal. Master Care support spans application support, software updates, support for database and runtime environments, 24/7 systems monitoring, incident management, and helpdesk. We leave nothing to chance. Application support staff are ready to provide personal assistance. View the Master Care fact sheet.



Master Care support offers significant advantages to all Master Terminal customers.

  • Lower total cost of ownership
    Master Terminal customers tap into a large service organization with automated systems that streamline upkeep. Customers benefit from scale, offered by our one-to-many service platform.
  • We’ve got you covered
    Master Terminal must be there when you need it. We make that happen. In the background, our service team follows a schedule of software updates and operating systems maintenance. We constantly monitor servers, applications, capacity, and performance. When you need help, our experts are a phone call away. Master Care also manages daily backups and secures multiple copies of data both on- and off-site. Should it be required, we also offer a mirrored standby (DR) site.
  • Stay compatible with the latest technology
    Master Terminal customers can subscribe to software updates. With Master Terminal online active management, updates are applied automatically, so your Master Terminal system stays current with the latest hardware and operating systems.

  • Keep your system current
    Your Master Terminal installation will be maintained to the latest (or latest -1) release, keeping you up-to-date with the latest functionality and performance improvements.
  • Stay safe
    Your system is protected by best-practice security processes
  • Amazon cloud support
    Master Care supports client systems hosted by Amazon web services
  • Forget about IT
    IT isn’t your problem. Master Care online active management takes care of mandatory IT upkeep and problem detection and resolution.
  • No hidden surprises
    Master Care support services are delivered for a set price. Unless your installation is significantly changed, there will be no surprises.

Application support

  • How to assistance
  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Troubleshooting
  • Software fixes and workarounds
  • User feedback

Live monitoring

  • Master Terminal application and interfaces
  • Performance and capacity thresholds
  • Operating systems status
  • Server health
  • Process monitoring (backups and deployments)

Online active management

  • Application software and configuration
  • Database software and database administration
  • Runtime software environment
  • Server operating systems
  • Security configuration management
  • Backups
  • Maintenance

Software subscription

  • Master Terminal service packs and new releases
  • Database and runtime environment service packs and new releases

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