Master Terminal

Agile ports use our Master Terminal terminal operating system (TOS) to compete against the biggest and best in the world’s toughest industry and come out on top. View the Master Terminal resources below to learn more about the world’s leading TOS from Jade Logistics.

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The Jade Logistics client portal is available to all Master Terminal clients.
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White papers

No port is an island

How integrating core information systems is key to improved efficiency and growth for mixed cargo ports.

Achieving more with less

How can small and medium sized terminals achieve efficiencies with the resources they have?

There’s an app for that

What is the business case for mobile applications in mixed cargo ports?

Swings and roundabouts

The unprecedented challenges and opportunities that the maritime logistics industry faces.

Investing in growth

Building a business case for investing in a terminal operating system.

A world of difference

How exploring the external environment helps terminal operators develop their growth strategies.

Finding calm in the chaos

Key areas of your port that you can put under the microscope in the search for efficiency.

Message in a bottle

The challenges (and hidden opportunities) of managing mixed cargo.

Upping your game

Achieving a seamless transition from an in-house TOS.

Smoothing your TOS implementation

Terminal operators are looking for ways to be more efficient and handle greater volumes.

More than a game of battleships

Improving the effectiveness of your harbor management.

One size doesn’t fit all

One size doesn’t fit all. Balancing performance and flexibility in terminal operating systems.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight

How to choose the right TOS and level the playing field with your competition.

Facing the tidal wave

How port operators can confront a surge in industry consolidation.

Fact sheets

Master Terminal

Solve the complex problem of managing mixed cargo.

Container Weighing

Turn the new SOLAS mandatory container weighing regulations into a commercial opportunity with Master Terminal.

Bulk Cargo

Handle and track bulk cargo types such as coal, woodchips, and grain by weight or volume.

RORO Cargo

Handle the complexities of Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) terminals with Master Terminal.

Gate Operations

Control and monitor truck and cargo movements for increased efficiency.


Attract new business and revenue streams with Master Terminal’s warehousing functionality.

Harbor Management

Schedule vessel visits, resources, and personnel with Master Terminal’s harbor management.

Vehicle Booking System

Manage the flow of vehicles throughout your gate operations.


Configure and track charges and invoices for every cargo event.


Configure your terminal into one or more sub-terminals and operate these as separate business units.

Multiple Time Zones

Manage multiple terminals in different time zones with one instance of Master Terminal.

Handheld Apps

Save time and money with Master Terminal’s new handheld apps.

Vehicle App

Increase driver productivity with our Vehicle app.

Web Portal

Provide your customers with access to real-time information about their cargo and other relevant services.

Event Stream

Integrate Master Terminal into enterprise solutions.

Yard Safety

A critical safety aspect that can be mitigated by using Master Terminal is separating machinery and labor on a port’s yard.

Master Care

The successful implementation of a leading-edge logistics solution is just the beginning.

Report Writing Service

Let us create those complex and time-consuming reports for you.

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