Master Terminal’s Web Portal provides your clients (such as truckers, consignors, consignees, shipping companies, customs and government officials) with access via a web browser to selected Master Terminal functionality.

Users are authenticated by username and password and access is controlled by Master Terminal’s sophisticated role based security system. Administrators with the appropriate privileges can configure which functions are visible for each user, and therefore what data users can view or modify. The Web Portal supports all modern, up-to-date web browsers.

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Reduce calls to the terminal and improve customer service
Give customers the information they want when they need it. Customers can track cargo, or create reports, bookings, release requests, pre-notes or vehicle appointments.

Intuitive and responsive interface for ease of use
The user-friendly Web Portal interface requires minimal training, allowing your customers to access relevant information quickly.

Available on mobile
The Web Portal gives your customers on the move, such as truck drivers, the ability to check cargo and vessel status on mobile devices.

Cost effective
Fielding cargo-related calls can be a disruptive and time-consuming process. Providing customers with access to the Web Portal allows your staff to focus on core operational tasks.


Automated email notifications
Customers can set up notifications for most cargo events, allowing them to take immediate action as required.

Role-based functionality
Web Portal administrators can configure the system for each user making sure the functionality and data access is restricted to them. External users have direct access to only the data they are authorized to view.

Public and restricted access
Public access is enabled for anyone who needs cargo or vessel status (accessed from any device; smart phone, tablet or desktop).
Restricted access can be enabled for your customers who need more functionality including pre-notes (pre-advice), release requests or reports (optimised for use on desktops).

Data validation and auditing
All actions and changes to data via the Web Portal are subject to Master Terminal’s data validation, logging, auditing and security processes.

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