With Master Terminal’s Vehicle Booking System (VBS) you can easily control vehicle arrival times to match your terminal’s work schedule ensuring less downtime and congestion at the terminal gate.

The VBS uses a visit slot model. You define the visit slots when you want to accept vehicle visits. Visit slots are automatically created in advance based on calendars and templates you define. You can configure as many slots as you need, when each slot starts, the duration of the slot, and the number of vehicles you can process in the slot.​ Your customers benefit from using the system by being able to book their own visit slots to coincide with their work schedules. No more long waits at the gate; trucks can just show up at the allocated time knowing they have secured a visit slot.

View the Vehicle Booking System fact sheet.


Align with your business
Match vehicle arrivals at the gate with your terminal’s work schedule.

Reduce waiting times for carrier
Transport operators can use Master Terminal’s web interface to book a visit slot in which they expect to arrive at your gate to pick up or to drop off cargo items. They can also view or update existing bookings.

Reduce carbon footprint
By booking vehicle visits, transport operators can reduce vehicle waiting times and improve fleet utilization. Less queuing at the gate also means lower fuel costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Secure access
Master Terminal’s role-based security system ensures that transport operators can only view and manage their own bookings.


Even distribution of vehicle visits
Schedule when transport operator vehicles can visit your terminal to evenly distribute the flow of vehicles throughout the hours of operation.

Customize your visit slots
You can configure weekends, holidays and other special days to have different visit slots from your normal working days. You can also increase the number of visit slots at certain times of the day.

Efficient use of resources
The Vehicle Booking report gives you visibility of your day-to-day operations. It records booked and unused visit slots, actual arrival and departure times, early and late arrivals, and vehicles that fail to arrive at all. This information can be used to better plan and allocate resources for more efficient cargo processing.

Integration with gate
The VBS is fully integrated with gate operations allowing you to associate vehicles with bookings, and receive and process vehicles.

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