“Master Terminal’s new mobile applications have really helped us to facilitate tasks at our workplace. We now have greater certainty and are more efficient. This has led to greater control and continuous improvement at CICE.”


Ready to mobilize your workforce? Master Terminal’s Web Apps Suite allow you to make informed business decisions using up-to-date information. Running on modern devices and web browsers, our apps make mobilizing your workforce a cost-effective solution while offering you real productivity and efficiency gains across the port. Our Web Apps support ports’ deployment of TOS functionality at different levels to different roles on the terminal, without requiring proprietary ruggedised devices that add additional expense and lack flexibility.

Vehicle App

Our vehicle app is designed with your vehicle drivers in mind to ensure those at the coalface of the port are provided with real-time information so that they can seamlessly perform their work. Featuring an intuitive and easy to navigate interface with large buttons, the vehicle app is user-friendly and quick to learn, regardless of the user’s technical ability. The easy to use and intuitive interface reduces traditional training time.
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Handheld Apps

The on-demand economy is shaping today’s society. As consumer demands change there is an ever increasing need for real-time information and fulfilment. For terminal operators this means operating as efficiently as possible and optimizing turnaround times. Master Terminal’s suite of web apps include the handheld apps. These apps allow you to make informed business decisions with accurate up-to-the-minute information, provide real-time monitoring and reporting, and ultimately offer better customer service.
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Tallyman is part of the Master Terminal Web Apps Suite and enables the port tallyman to confirm the final stowage of cargo on a vessel in real time, prior to departure. Working with Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) and Lift-On/Lift-Off (LOLO) planning in Master Terminal, Tallyman operates on modern touch–screen devices and web browsers. Tallyman assists in creating a more complete picture of cargo transactions, enabling ports to operate with increased efficiency based on these insights.
View Master Terminal Tallyman fact sheet.


Cost effective
The apps can be run on modern touch-screen devices with a supported web browser, making them very cost effective.

User friendly
A modern and intuitive user interface ensures fast learning times.

Real time
These Web Apps ensure those at the coalface of the port are provided with real-time information so they can seamlessly perform their work. Transactions are accurately recorded ensuring no revenue leakage. Business managers can make real-time decisions with up to date data, produce accurate KPIs, and maximize the productivity of port staff.


Handheld and vehicle-mounted mobile devices
All cargo-carrying vessels can be managed by handheld and vehicle mobile devices wherever your cargo goes, with Wi-Fi support and user-by-user control of the system.

Rich in functionality
The suite of over 30 apps span your operations from splitting and merging cargo through to inter-terminal transfers.

Automatic updates
Automatic updates are provided in each release and occur at the server level, eliminating the need for disruptive software upgrades and ensuring effortless maintenance.

Support for multiple languages

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