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At Jade Logistics we’ve developed the expertise required to design innovative solutions that solve the complex challenges of managing mixed cargo. Our flagship product, Master Terminal, is a terminal operating system (TOS), designed specifically for managing a variety of mixed cargo. Master Terminal is supported by a intelligent product set that helps our clients to work smarter and improve their competitiveness.

The Web Apps Suite offers a cost–effective way to mobilize your workforce with select Master Terminal functionality across your port. The Web Portal provides your customers with access via a web browser to real–time information about the status of their cargo and other applicable services. The Vehicle Booking System (VBS) helps to streamline traffic on your port and aids more efficient cargo processing as a result. Our intuitive Harbor Management solution allows you to easily schedule vessel visits, resources and personnel from within a single package.

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Master Terminal

Master Terminal is a terminal operating system (TOS) that gives you a single, real–time view of your operations so you can make smarter decisions faster. Designed to cater to all cargo types and to support flexible working environments, Master Terminal is an innovative, flexible and reliable system built by ports people, for ports people. Master Terminal continues to deliver high value to customers by extending cargo visibility beyond the port “walls” across the supply chain.
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Master Terminal Web Apps

The Web Apps Suite enable you to make informed business decisions using information gained in real time. The suite includes the vehicle app, handheld apps and Tallyman, and offers a cost-effective solution to mobilize your workforce, without needing to use proprietary ruggedized devices that add additional expense and lack flexibility.
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Harbor Management

The Master Terminal harbor management solution allows you to schedule visits across terminals with multiple harbors and berths from a single package. A highly intuitive ‘drag and drop’ graphical user interface allows you to easily manage the complex problem of scheduling vessel visits, resources, and personnel in busy ports.
Learn about the Harbor Management for Master Terminal.

Vehicle Booking System (VBS)

Master Terminal’s Vehicle Booking System (VBS) integrates with the gate to allow you to manage the flow of vehicles through your gate and across your port. The VBS allows you to schedule when transport operator vehicles can arrive at your terminal, streamlining traffic to reduce waiting times for carriers and a port’s carbon footprint.
Learn about VBS for Master Terminal.

Web Portal

Jade Logistics’ Web Portal provides transparency of information to the wider supply chain, delivering greater customer service and increased terminal efficiency by freeing up port staff to focus on core operational tasks. The Master Terminal Web Portal provides your customers with access to selected Master Terminal functionality via a web browser.
Learn about Master Terminal’s Web Portal.

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