Multi time zone feature added to Master Terminal

Time is money. For ports and terminals, efficiency is essential and thus the time taken to perform terminal operations needs to be recorded accurately. Master Terminal by Jade Logistics, is a Terminal Operating System (TOS) designed to provide a real-time view of all operations and data in one integrated system. From harbor management to yard operations, warehousing to the gate, Master Terminal tracks all activity across your enterprise ensuring you can capture revenue from your operations.

As port businesses expand, via mergers or organic growth, they acquire or introduce new terminals to open up new business opportunities. In order to realize cost benefits, it is important that processes are standardized across these terminals, and duplication of administration is minimized.

With Master Terminal you can manage multiple terminals from one central location. Whatever your setup, whether your terminals are side by side on a port, inland hubs supporting a quayside terminal, or at different geographical locations, Master Terminal can handle it all in one system.

Master Terminal’s multiple time zone capability enables a port to host multiple terminals located in different geographic locations that have different time zones.

View our Master Terminal multiple time zone fact sheet to learn more.


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