8.2.1 Break Bulk Cargo Warehouse Yard


The next release of Master Terminal (8.2.1) has a major enhancement to the tracking of break-bulk cargo. With the new release you will be able to track multiple actual pieces of cargo using a single cargo id. For example you may have a consignment of say 200 bundles of rebar that are not individually labelled.… Read More

8.1.2 8.2.1 Cargo Invoice Voyage Operations Yard

Querying Transactions

Item SelectorThe Item Selector in Master Terminal allows queries to be created for cargo, these queries allows properties and values to be set and the results sent to screens or output to reports and data files.Some new item selector modes have been added. Cargo Transactions, Event Transactions and HMS Transactions.For cargo transactions the properties can… Read More

8.1.1 8.1.2 8.2.1 Cargo Yard

Yard 40 foot IDs

Master Terminal allows gridded terminals areas like Straddle, RTG and Gridded Block Stacks to use 40 foot bay style location Ids.40 foot bay Ids can only be specified on new or empty gridded areas as it effects the location Ids for cargo.Terminal Area Definition There is a tick box in Terminal Area Definition that will… Read More

8.2.1 Cargo Rail Yard

Rail Box Cars

In JMT 8.2.1 enhancements will be added to the rail module. From 8.2.1 it will be possible to have 2 types of rail cars, the existing flat cars and a new box car type.The new box car type is a single location, similar to a block stack, where any number of cargo items can be… Read More

Cargo Gate Road Yard

Truck of Stuff Delivery

Normally when you receive a truck of cargo at the gate, you need to enter the Ids of all the cargo items on the truck.  But there is another way, where you can just enter the number of items the truck is going to unload, and use the Truck Unloader handheld app to enter the… Read More