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RORO Vehicle Location and Discharge Application

Vehicle Lander RORO Confirmation Handheld Application provides the ability to ‘land’ vehicles directly into a RORO lane area and discharge them from a vessel in one easy process.  It enables users to confirm RORO cargo positioning in a RORO lane as the user walks along a lane. Select the application from the Handheld App Menu.… Read More

8.4.2 Yard Yard Allocations

Yard Statistics

In the Satellite View it is possible to view the usage of locations within a yard allocation. In this example the selected allocation range has 4 items in it. As cargo is moved in and out of the area the statistics can be updated manually by using the right click menu to rebuild. Or is… Read More

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To Do Task Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the configuration of  To Do Tasks.It is now possible to configure that a task is automatically applied when a transaction is created. It is also possible to configure to queue a cargo item when a task is applied and also when a task is completed.A new tab ‘To Do Task… Read More

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Yard Allocation Splits

If you are discharging a single bulk or break bulk item that is very large and will be placed in to several yard locations, it is now possible to create yard allocations across multiple bulk or break bulk locations and have the capacity of the locations taken into account. A new combobox has been added… Read More

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GC Area Allocation Ranges

It is now possible in Master Terminal to enter yard allocations for general cargo areas as a range. The ground areas labelled G1 – G8 can now be part of a yard allocation by entering a range. For more complicated GC area layouts the drag select option has been extended. These individual locations can then… Read More