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RORO Lane Details on the Satellite View Screen

The Satellite View screen lets you select some or all of the lanes in a RORO area and then view the selected lanes on the RORO Lane Area screen. View the RORO areas on the Satellite View screen. Select the RORO lanes that you want to view by using your cursor to define a region… Read More

Vehicle Mounted Vessel Planning Yard

Multi Machine Moves

Several configurations are required to use the multi-machine move functionality; Terminal areas and interchange areas Machine move rules Machine terminal access Your scenario You want to move cargo from a Block Stack to an interchange area (holding area) to the crane transfer area where the vessel is. You want to use a top lifter from… Read More

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View by Carrier

You can now view the cargo in the yard by Release or Receive Carriers.  Yard controllers can now plan and view cargo by release carrier so that it is organised efficiently in the yard ready for pick-up. Both the Release and Receive Carrier Attributes have been added to the Column Organiser so that they can… Read More

851.030 Releases Yard

Empty Container Pooling

It is now possible to configure cargo operators to be part of a Pooling Party. Empty Pooling Parties are maintained in Terminal Admin. The Empty Pooling Parties is simply a code and description, but it also allows you to set the percentage of charges across the operators in the party. In System Admin – Operators.… Read More

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RORO Vehicle Location and Discharge Application

Vehicle Lander RORO Confirmation Handheld Application provides the ability to ‘land’ vehicles directly into a RORO lane area and discharge them from a vessel in one easy process.  It enables users to confirm RORO cargo positioning in a RORO lane as the user walks along a lane. Select the application from the Handheld App Menu.… Read More