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Cargo Import Release Functionality Added to the Web Portal

Functionality for the Cargo Release Import page in the RIA has been incorporated into the Web Portal. In the Web Portal, there is no separate tab for import release cargo. You can find full import containers that are to be released by performing an advanced cargo search. When you view the full cargo details of… Read More

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Translating the Web Portal and Web Applications

If you want to translate your hand‑held or vehicle web applications or the Web Portal into a language other than English, contact Master Terminal support. This blogpost assumes that you have already set up the locale and required translations in the Master Terminal desktop application. Some of the field names and messages that are displayed… Read More

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Consignee and Consignor Data Access

For third party access to Master Terminal, you can now have an extra level of security around what your customers can see.Specifically for consignee and consignor access, you can now determine whether cargo items that have both the consignee and consignor in the same data access group, or whether only one of the consignee or… Read More

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VGM Update to Prenote Web Portal Screen

The Master Terminal Web Portal has been updated so that users can certify the weight of a packed container for exporting and record who verified the weight and what company they were from.  This update is in line with the SOLAS VGM requirements which come into effect on the 1st July 2016. By enabling the… Read More

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Release Requests on the Web Portal

In the JMT 8.3.2, Release Requests are now able to be created, updated and deleted from the Web Portal. There is basic functionality to maintain both Release by IDs and Release by Types. This functionality is available on the existing ‘Cargo Release Requests’ screen and can be accessed the same way Pre-Notes are maintained –… Read More