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Cargo Import Release Functionality Added to the Web Portal

Functionality for the Cargo Release Import page in the RIA has been incorporated into the Web Portal. In the Web Portal, there is no separate tab for import release cargo. You can find full import containers that are to be released by performing an advanced cargo search. When you view the full cargo details of… Read More

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Rail Load by Request Web Application

The web-based Rail Load by Request application lets you load cargo for a specified release onto a wagon in your rake area. The release request must already be assigned to a wagon. Press the Rail Load by Request tile on your home screen. Enter the release request identifier and select the wagon that you are… Read More

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Photos App added to the Web-based Cargo Apps

The web-based Add Photos application lets you upload a photo to a cargo item record. Press the Add Photos tile on the Cargo Apps screen of your device. On the Add Photos screen, press the Add button to add a photo to the cargo item record. Select the photo that you want to upload –… Read More

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Web-Based Vehicle Application Graphical View Options

There wasn’t room in the previous post to show you the view options in the web-based Vehicle application graphical view. Click the Toolbox button in the graphical view area to display the additional view options toolbar. You can use the: Center button to center your view back onto the target cargo item in the yard… Read More

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Graphical View Added to the Web-Based Vehicle Application

A graphical view option is now available in the web-based Vehicle application. The graphical view gives you a visual representation within the yard area of the source and target location of a cargo item in a task after you accept that task. The graphical view is displayed only for cargo in gridded yard areas; that… Read More