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Voyage Operations The Master Terminal team have been working on some proof of concept projects that involve use of some recent Navis innovations and new products. The first project was with the Power BI ‘ OpsView ‘ team, and getting MTN data into one of the reports called ‘Vessel Target’. OpsView consists of a suite… Read More

861.100 LOLO TBA Tranships Voyage Operations

Tranships And TBAs

EDI Load Comparison The EDI Load Comparison can now create a TBA from a ‘Only in load list’ EDI item. If this option is used the load list EDI item is seen as matching to the new TBA item. The EDI Load Comparison now uses TBAs for matching to EDI load items, TBAs that match… Read More

Tallyman Voyage Operations Web apps

Introducing the Updated Tallyman Application

The Tallyman application has been updated to fit into the Master Terminal suite of Web Apps (which includes the Handheld apps and Vehicle app). The Web Apps operate on modern touch-screen devices with a web browser. To refresh your memory, here is a blog post from 5 years ago for the old Tallyman. The Tallyman… Read More

Categories Discharge IMEX Voyage Operations

Setting the IMEX Status of Import Empty Containers after Discharge

By default the system changes the IMEX status of import empty containers to Storage when they are discharged from a voyage. The Cargo Receival IMEX Transition screen enables you to configure the IMEX status that is applied to specified cargo when it is discharged from a voyage at your terminal. The IMEX status of import… Read More

Categories EDI Voyage Operations

Modify Action Added to the Voyage User-Defined EDI File

The modify (M) action is now available to the Voyage user‑defined EDI file. The modify action enables you to update specified voyage data without overwriting existing voyage data. When the Action in the file is: M, only the fields specified in the Voyage user-defined EDI file will be updated in the database, all the other… Read More