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COPARN EDI for Pre-Notes

The SMDG standards define that a COPARN EDIFACT file should be used for: “an order to release, to make available, to accept or to call down containers or to announce the impending arrival of containers”. With the introduction of the verified gross mass into the Coparn message format, Operators are using this message to transmit… Read More

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You can now set up a Voyage Cut Off specifically for EDI Verified Gross Mass (VGM) information, so that VGM information for a container cannot be received after it has been planned to a voyage. This will ensure VGM information must be received in good time so that the vessel planners can be confident they… Read More

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Automatically Generating VGM Information

You can now automatically generate the Name and Company who are responsible for providing the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) against a container that is packed or weighed at the Terminal. Under Terminal Configuration, on the VGM tab, you can enter the default person’s name and the company.  This will most likely be the Port’s name.… Read More

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VGM via Loadrite

You can now automatically certify the weight using the Loadrite Vehicle Mounted Device interface. Configuration The machine that is connected to Loadrite must be configured to certify the weight on the Machine table in Terminal Administration. When a container is queued to the machine, this setting will enable the machine to certify the weight during… Read More

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VGM Voyage Planning

If you have a SOLAS VGM stop set for export full containers, a stop will be applied automatically upon receival if the container has not got VGM details.    To make sure that no load planning is allowed make sure that the Prevent Action includes ‘Voyage Load Planning’. Whether planning to a LOLO bay a… Read More