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Multi Machine Moves

Several configurations are required to use the multi-machine move functionality; Terminal areas and interchange areas Machine move rules Machine terminal access Your scenario You want to move cargo from a Block Stack to an interchange area (holding area) to the crane transfer area where the vessel is. You want to use a top lifter from… Read More

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Lander App – Hold Job Assign to Release

It is now possible to assign ship release requests to hold locations.Release RequestsCreate a ship release request (release by type) in the normal way.Assign cargo to the release request items, by drag drop or by using the staging hand held app. Voyage OperationsSelect a voyage location to load the On Vessel cargo list right… Read More

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Voyage Job Shift Allocation

LOLO Planning – Shift Allocations Once LOLO Jobs are created against a crane, they can be allocated to a shift. Click the Job Shifts toolbar button –  RORO Planning – Shift Allocations Once RORO Jobs are created against a work point, they can be allocated to a shift. Click the Job Shifts toolbar button .… Read More

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Saving Extraction Formats

To further streamline the process of extracting files from Master Terminal, the last file format used will become the default for next time. From the EDI Operations screen, select the file you want to extract, and click the ‘Extract New’ button. The last format you used will appear as the format for the next extraction.… Read More

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You can now set up a Voyage Cut Off specifically for EDI Verified Gross Mass (VGM) information, so that VGM information for a container cannot be received after it has been planned to a voyage. This will ensure VGM information must be received in good time so that the vessel planners can be confident they… Read More