INTEROP PoC Vessel Definition


The Master Terminal team have been working on some proof of concept projects that involve use of some recent Navis innovations and new products. One of the projects was with the MACS3 team, who have a Vessel Profile API that allows systems to access a central vessel definition library in the cloud. If a valid… Read More

8.3.1 Vessel Definition Voyage Defintion Voyage Operations

Voyage Rationalisation – No more ‘Is Worked’ ‘Is Planned’

Further changes have been applied to Master Terminal’s vessel and voyage definition.Vessel DefinitionCurrent Items in Blue have been moved to the HARBOUR sheet. Items in Purple are now sorted in alphabetical order (Air Draft will be renamed Draft Air, Max Vessel Beam will be renamed Beam Max Vessel) Item in Green have been renamed to… Read More

8.2.2 LOLO Vessel Definition

Vessel Definition Update

The web based vessel definition has been enhanced to include the ability to update a vessel definition. Vessels that are created with the JMT 8.2.2 version of the Vessel Definition Wizard can now be updated on the web. There are now 2 options after you login. Definition Wizard and Definition Update. After you have generated a vessel in the… Read More

8.1.1 LOLO Vessel Definition Voyage Defintion Voyage Operations

LOLO Cell Weights 20/40

A LOLO vessel can have 20 and 40 foot maximum cell weights set for on deck and under deck. These weight limits are typically used in LOLO Planning. As cargo is load planned and then actually moved the total weight of all cargo in a given cell is checked against these limits, warnings are given… Read More

8.2.1 RORO Vessel Definition Voyage Defintion Voyage Operations

General Cargo Hold Locations on Vessels and Voyages

A new button on the Vessel Definition form provides access to a new form that allows users to maintain ‘General Cargo Hold Locations’.  The new button is enabled for Vessels that are marked as ‘Includes Holds’.In JMT 8.2.1 the ‘Number of Hatches’ attribute has been removed from the vessel definition form as it is no… Read More