8.6.1 Hand Held App Vehicle Mounted Web apps Windows Mobile

Advanced Notice of End-Of-Life for Master Terminal Applications Running on Windows Mobile (Windows CE)

Advanced Notice End-of-life for Master Terminal applications running on Windows Mobile (Windows CE) End of support for Master Terminal Windows-based Applications Jade Logistics Group (JLG) is planning to upgrade the underlying JADE technology environment on which Master Terminal is deployed from JADE 7.1 to JADE 2016 in the Master Terminal release scheduled for February 2019.… Read More

Vehicle Mounted Vessel Planning Yard

Multi Machine Moves

Several configurations are required to use the multi-machine move functionality; Terminal areas and interchange areas Machine move rules Machine terminal access Your scenario You want to move cargo from a Block Stack to an interchange area (holding area) to the crane transfer area where the vessel is. You want to use a top lifter from… Read More

Query Vehicle Mounted

Enable Selector Queries from Radio Telemetry Devices

You can allow users of the vehicle mounted devices to access selector queries from the main screen under the ‘Queries’ button.  To do this, you need to complete the following steps;1. Set up Query Access SetsHere you set up the group of queries (selector queries) you want the driver to access from the machine.  You… Read More

8.3.2 Vehicle Mounted

IMV Train

Recently Master Terminal has been enhanced to allow the placement of many containers on to a single IMV. This is required to support an IMV Train (See picture below). There is a new terminal configuration option where you specify the maximum number of containers that can be placed on a single IMV. In the screen… Read More

8.3.2 Break Bulk Vehicle Mounted Voyage Operations

Light Weight Voyage Planning

For a small operation that does not require detailed LOLO or RORO planning, cargo can now be discharged and loaded using the Non Worked Non Planned screen.Radio Telemetry QueueIf a voyage is created with no LOLO or RORO definition, a voyage queue can now be created in the RT Queue screen. A sub queue can… Read More