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Tranships And TBAs

EDI Load Comparison The EDI Load Comparison can now create a TBA from a ‘Only in load list’ EDI item. If this option is used the load list EDI item is seen as matching to the new TBA item. The EDI Load Comparison now uses TBAs for matching to EDI load items, TBAs that match… Read More

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Including Tranship Details in COARRI 95B Discharge Messages

You can configure the STANDARD COARRI SMDG162 CAMs protocol to include the next discharge port and the final destination of a tranship container for messages sent when cargo is discharged from a ship (= a Receive – Ship transaction in the system). These details are included in the STANDARD COARRI SMDG213 CAMs protocol, by default. … Read More

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Tranship Stop

A new stop processing action lets you determine whether a stop is applied to cargo depending on where the cargo was originally loaded on to the vessel and what its final destination is.  This is specifically relevant for when local Customs requirements may not be applicable if the cargo is tranship. An example of the… Read More