8.5.1; GUI Bookings Stops ToDoTask

Tasks and Stops on Bookings

Master Terminal has the ability to apply stops and to do tasks to cargo items. If the cargo item is configured to be able to split and merge, so that it can be stored in multiple locations; when a stop or task is applied to the cargo it is added to the cargo across the… Read More

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To Do Task Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the configuration of  To Do Tasks.It is now possible to configure that a task is automatically applied when a transaction is created. It is also possible to configure to queue a cargo item when a task is applied and also when a task is completed.A new tab ‘To Do Task… Read More

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VGM via Loadrite

You can now automatically certify the weight using the Loadrite Vehicle Mounted Device interface. Configuration The machine that is connected to Loadrite must be configured to certify the weight on the Machine table in Terminal Administration. When a container is queued to the machine, this setting will enable the machine to certify the weight during… Read More

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Removing Weigh Task for VGM

You can automatically remove a weigh to do task (or any other specified task) if the VGM details are manually loaded or loaded via EDI.  This enables containers to not be weighed if their VGM details are received after the weigh to do task was added.On the VGM tab in the Terminal Configuration, select the… Read More

8.4.2 ToDoTask

Time Range for Task Resources

Master Terminal’s To Do Tasks can have resources defined for them. When a task is completed the resources used to complete the task can be specified.An enhancement has been made to allow a task resource to be configured to accept a date range rather than a single date. When a resource that has ‘Requires Date… Read More