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Preventing Operator Stops in COREOR Messages Being Reapplied

Some stops have an expiry date after which the stop is reapplied to a cargo item. The information is contained in the DTM+400 or DTM+36 message segments in COREOR messages. Some shipping lines use these message segments to mean something different than an expiry date for the operator stop clearance. You can configure the system… Read More

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Tranship Stop

A new stop processing action lets you determine whether a stop is applied to cargo depending on where the cargo was originally loaded on to the vessel and what its final destination is.  This is specifically relevant for when local Customs requirements may not be applicable if the cargo is tranship. An example of the… Read More

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Future Storage Commercial Stop

A new feature has been added to the future storage configuration to allow the system to apply a stop automatically while creating the future storage transaction. Also, the system will validate all of the cargo types in this future storage definition against the Stop cargo types to warn the user if there are any cargo types… Read More

8.5.1; GUI Bookings Stops ToDoTask

Tasks and Stops on Bookings

Master Terminal has the ability to apply stops and to do tasks to cargo items. If the cargo item is configured to be able to split and merge, so that it can be stored in multiple locations; when a stop or task is applied to the cargo it is added to the cargo across the… Read More

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Automatic Stop for no VGM details

Terminals can now set up a Stop to be applied to containers that do not adhere to the VGM SOLAS requirements. If, as a Terminal, you want to stop any full containers loading on to a Ship that do not have the VGM details recorded, you can configure a new Stop to make this happen.… Read More