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SQL Extract Edit Transactions

A new method have been added to the SQL extract  of the CM_TITransaction called ‘getEditTransactionsDetailsSQL’.If the transaction is an edit transaction this new method will get all of the edit transaction’s details in the following format  : Property{OldValue|NewValue}Example :operatorCode{****|OOCL}releaseCarrier{|PRIVATE}releaseVehicle{|567}imexStatus{Export|Import}totalWeight{20000.0000|2314.0000}dischargePort{QADOH|AEJE1}This string can then be used in SQL database to see what was actually edited.This enhancement is… Read More

Releases SQL

Release Request Data via SQL Native

The CM_BulkRelease class and its features are now available to extract to an SQL Native database. The SQL table name is BulkRelease.Requested data fields are mapped as follows; Request Date – dateRequested Estimated Required Date – dateEstimatedRequired Booking Confirmation Number – bookingConfirmation Release No – code Operator – myOperator Freight Payer Code – freightPayerCode Consignee… Read More

8.4.1 Query SQL Voyage Defintion

Voyage Estimated Arrival and Departure

Master Terminal now allows an estimated arrival date and time and an estimated departure date and time to be recorded against a voyage. The new date time fields are then available in other areas of Master Terminal.Item SelectorEstimated arrival and estimated departure are both available are query properties in the Item Selector. Both dates have… Read More

8.3.1 CASH Invoice JRW SQL

Financial Queries, Data Extract & Reporting

In Master Terminal 8.3.1 the Item Selector Query, Summaries, SQL Extract and JRW Views have been enhanced to include Invoices, Invoice Lines, Cash Payments and Cash Receipts. ITEM SELECTORNow includes modes for Invoices, Invoice Lines, Cash Payments and Cash Receipts.Queries can be saved and used to create JRW reports in Report maintenance.All 4 modes include limited… Read More


SQL Native Data Extract

SQL Native Data Extract The SQL Native Data Extract functionality has been part of the Master Terminal product for some time, but here in this post we focus on providing a step-by-step description of the process required to set up a Master Terminal to SQL Server extract, from start to finish. SQL Server Installation First… Read More