8.4.1 RT Voyage Operations

Voyage Rationalisation in Master Terminal 8.4.1 Part 3

If a voyage is defined with General Cargo Holds it is now possible to allocate individual hold positions to a voyage sub queue.Create a voyage queue and crane and/or work point sub queues. In the Voyage Operations screen choose ‘Allocate Hold Positions to Queues’. The list includes the ship block stack, the RT Queues will… Read More

8.3.2 RT

Multi-Select drag and drop in the RTQ screen

There was a requirement to enhance the current RTQ form to allow users to easily drag and drop multiple tasks and machines between queues and to allow users to allocate many tasks to a machine. Multi select Tasks Users can multi-select tasks by either:1. In the Queue List panel holding CTRL or SHIFT and selecting… Read More

8.2.1 RT Yard

Creating Director Tasks

Options to configure Master Terminal for director tasks have grown in recent years so a blog post covering these options seemed like a great idea. Director Tasks are a great way to use the power of Master Terminal to manage finding appropriate cargo and MT containers for delivery, shipping or packing. They can be created… Read More

8.2.1 LOLO Releases RORO RT Voyage Operations Yard

Dynamic Voyage Loading

In a recent blog I described changes we have made to allow “Out of Sequence Loading“. We have now extended Dynamic Loading to allow the working of colour coded voyage jobs that have not been fully planned.Usually when you create voyage Load jobs you need to individually plan cargo to each voyage slot.With this feature JMT will… Read More

8.1.1 Cargo RT Yard

Queuing Multiple Cargo

If you have ever had to queue up lots of containers from one area to another, then this is the feature for you. You can now do this in a single operation using multi move.After setting the source and target areas to “Queued Mode”, select the cargo on the source, making sure you do not… Read More