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Road Operations Grouping

A new option has been added to the Road Operations preferences dialog – Cargo Attributes. This new option applies to the vehicle tree on the left hand side. It allows up to 5 attributes to be used to group job items, within each truck . The attributes are limited to those common across cargo, release… Read More

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Road Gate VGM Update

The Road Gate screen has been updated so that the total weight of a full export container can be recorded as the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) and the supporting VGM information captured against the Container Record in Master Terminal when receiving the container into the Terminal. Once the container is received into the Terminal, the… Read More

8.4.1 Break Bulk Cargo Releases Road Warehouse

Releasing Cargo via Specific Warehouse Locations

We have recently released a new application allowing Terminals to record and subsequently validate on loading, the warehouse door a truck uses to pick up cargo associated with a Release Request.  This application is called ‘Truck Warehouse Release Loader’ and is available from the Handheld Applications menu.When Terminals have larger warehouses with multiple doors to… Read More

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Road Remain on Board Cargo

There are times when a truck may arrive for a pickup or delivery, and the truck already has cargo on board that you want to record both at the In and Out gate. For example a truck may come to pickup a 20ft container, and it already has a 20ft container on board. Ideally the… Read More

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Releasing Cargo by BOL

This post is going to describe how to setup a release for all the cargo associated with a Bill Of Lading (BOL). This would then allow a truck to pickup any of the cargo items on the BOL, without having to specify the cargo id. As a  result, the Terminal can select the least over-stowed… Read More