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Audit Selector Queries

The Selector screen lets you perform an audit query, which you can save and then use to provide the source data for an audit query report. When the Selector screen is in Audit Details mode, you can perform an audit query on any auditable entity (=Object Type property in your query criteria); for example, invoices,… Read More

851.160 Invoice Proforma Reports

Cargo Reporting With Proforma Charges like Demurrage

Proforma Invoices It is possible in Master Terminal to produce a cargo report that includes proforma charge amounts for any configured invoice line. This means that charges like storage can be included in a cargo report. If you have an invoice license with invoicing configured, you can configured proforma invoices, you do not need a… Read More

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Vehicle Visit Record Packages

Vehicle visit record (VVR) packages let you automatically e-mail multiple reports to multiple recipients when a vehicle road exits from the gate. VVR packages work in a similar way to other report packages; you can configure the required e-mail details, report templates, and selection criteria. When a vehicle road exit occurs, the VVR packages are… Read More

JRW Reports

User Defined Reports

Master Terminal allows you to create a report design and a selector query and join them together. That report can then be run manually or automatically on the background process.Note. Reports have security against them so only certain users can see the report, edit and run the report.User Defined QueryUse the item selector to create… Read More

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BoL Reporting and BoL Cargo Transfer

A new feature has been added to the BOL maintenance (Voyage Cargo) – BOL Transfer.Bulk Cargo Transfer The selected cargo on a BoL can be transferred, in whole, to another existing BoL. The operator and consignee are defaulted to the values on the selected BoL and on OK these values are updated onto each cargo… Read More