8.3.2 Releases Web Portal

Release Requests on the Web Portal

In the JMT 8.3.2, Release Requests are now able to be created, updated and deleted from the Web Portal. There is basic functionality to maintain both Release by IDs and Release by Types. This functionality is available on the existing ‘Cargo Release Requests’ screen and can be accessed the same way Pre-Notes are maintained –… Read More

Gate Receivals Releases

Gateless Cargo Receival

Normally road cargo deliveries are received into the terminal via the Gate. There is an alternative option that provides a stream lined way to get cargo onto the terminal. Using this approach prenoted cargo can be moved directly into the terminal without using the Gate. The first step is to create a new Terminal Area… Read More

8.2.2 Admin Cargo Releases Yard

Quick Find ( f10 )

Quick FindNavigation around the Master Terminal features is typically performed via the Navigator tree, or via a context menu from a related object.An additional navigation feature added to Master Terminal in 8.2.2 is a ‘Quick Find’ feature. ‘Quick Find’ is activated via the ‘f10’ function key, from almost any screen in Master Terminal.As the name… Read More

8.2.2 Releases Road

Releasing Cargo by BOL

This post is going to describe how to setup a release for all the cargo associated with a Bill Of Lading (BOL). This would then allow a truck to pickup any of the cargo items on the BOL, without having to specify the cargo id. As a  result, the Terminal can select the least over-stowed… Read More

8.2.1 LOLO Releases RORO RT Voyage Operations Yard

Dynamic Voyage Loading

In a recent blog I described changes we have made to allow “Out of Sequence Loading“. We have now extended Dynamic Loading to allow the working of colour coded voyage jobs that have not been fully planned.Usually when you create voyage Load jobs you need to individually plan cargo to each voyage slot.With this feature JMT will… Read More