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Rail Load by Request Web Application

The web-based Rail Load by Request application lets you load cargo for a specified release onto a wagon in your rake area. The release request must already be assigned to a wagon. Press the Rail Load by Request tile on your home screen. Enter the release request identifier and select the wagon that you are… Read More

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Cargo Availability Check for Release Cargo

You can configure the system to check cargo availability when gating in a truck. The cargo availability check is designed to prevent you from gating in more trucks than there is cargo available to fulfill a release request so that trucks do not leave empty or short-handed. An error is displayed if there is insufficient… Read More

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Maintaining Approved Carriers for Operators

You can now maintain a list of approved carriers of specified cargo types for each operator in Master Terminal. If you have defined a list of approved carriers, the system prevents you from: Creating a release request for an unapproved operator, carrier, and cargo type combination Releasing cargo for an unapproved operator, carrier, and cargo… Read More

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Lander App – Hold Job Assign to Release

It is now possible to assign ship release requests to hold locations.Release RequestsCreate a ship release request (release by type) in the normal way.Assign cargo to the release request items, by drag drop or by using the staging hand held app. Voyage OperationsSelect a voyage location to load the On Vessel cargo list right… Read More

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Empty Container Pooling

It is now possible to configure cargo operators to be part of a Pooling Party. Empty Pooling Parties are maintained in Terminal Admin. The Empty Pooling Parties is simply a code and description, but it also allows you to set the percentage of charges across the operators in the party. In System Admin – Operators.… Read More