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Reefer Monitoring The Master Terminal team have been working on some proof of concept projects that involve use of some recent Navis innovations and new products. One of the project was with the Navis native mobile app team. One of the first apps in the suite of Navis native apps is the Reefer Monitor app.… Read More

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Externally Monitored Cargo

Externally monitored reefer containers are becoming common meaning Terminals need to be methodical when determining whether a reefer requires manual monitoring at the terminal. You can now configure a default value for the ‘Is Externally Monitored’ check box for an operator. The default value is then used when you: Create a pre‑notified reefer container either… Read More

8.4.2 Invoice JRW Reefer Yard Allocations

Reefer Monitoring Updates

Reefer Monitoring in Master Terminal is now further configurable so reefers can be set as externally monitored.  This means any temperature readings for reefers that are externally monitored can be automatically voided for invoicing purposes.  Furthermore, you can now determine how monitoring is on-charged if a container’s monitoring status is changed while at a terminal.… Read More

8.4.2 Cold Store Reefer

Reefer Temperature Monitoring for Cold Store Enhancements

A new reefer property has been added to cargo reefer detailsReefer cargo has an additional ‘Expiry Date’ field. Cargo Checks  All loader and un-loader hand held apps now have the ability to record a temperature reading on receival and release of cargo. The criteria can be used so that only reefer cargo will have this… Read More