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Prenote Certified Weight Criteria

The Terminal Configuration ‘Prenote Certified Weight Validation Criteria’ that is seen on the Gate tab on the Terminal Config screen enables Terminals to determine what cargo criteria must include the VGM details for the Prenote to be accepted into the database.  This includes Prenotes entered manually, via the Web Portal or received via EDI User… Read More

8.3.2 Bulk Receivals

Bulk Cargo Receival

Master Terminal’s bulk ability works well with cargo receival by individual truck as well as  across multiple trucks.An example of receiving 3 trucks of grain for 1 consignment works perfectly using Master Terminal’s allocation technology and bulk split/merge ability. Yard Allocation For the grain receival; allocations are created and assigned to different silo storage areas.… Read More

Gate Receivals Releases

Gateless Cargo Receival

Normally road cargo deliveries are received into the terminal via the Gate. There is an alternative option that provides a stream lined way to get cargo onto the terminal. Using this approach prenoted cargo can be moved directly into the terminal without using the Gate. The first step is to create a new Terminal Area… Read More