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Rail Load by Request Web Application

The web-based Rail Load by Request application lets you load cargo for a specified release onto a wagon in your rake area. The release request must already be assigned to a wagon. Press the Rail Load by Request tile on your home screen. Enter the release request identifier and select the wagon that you are… Read More

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Wagon Classes

Master Terminal’s rail module includes the ability to define wagon classes. The wagon class defines the physical dimensions of the wagon as well as weight restrictions, position labels, wagon seal types and can also limit a wagon class use to particular consignees.There are 4 types of wagon classes – flat, box, well and skeleton.Flat Car… Read More

8.4.1 Rail

Wagon Cargo Load Validation

Validating how and what cargo is loaded to a wagon. Master Terminal presents errors or warnings when validation rules would be broken by an action.Errors are not able to be overridden. Warnings can be overridden, but must be acknowledged.  Various configuration settings determine whether a validation rule will produce a warning or an error.  Often this… Read More

8.4.2 LOLO Rail RORO Voyage Operations Yard

Hazardous and Special Stow Icons

Individual icons can now be specified on hazardous codes and special stow codes in Master Terminal. Choose a font and a font character to represent the code. Special stow has the same functionality. In the yard the icons are displayed as expected.1. This hazardous code has an individual icon.2. This hazardous code does not have… Read More

8.4.1 Rail

Well Cars

We have just added a new type of wagon class known as a “Wellcar” which are most commonly used in the US market. These wagons can be stacked and have multiple articulated units. The first step is to add a new Wagon Class for a wellcar. The form below shows a wellcar that has three individual… Read More