851.160 Invoice Proforma Reports

Cargo Reporting With Proforma Charges like Demurrage

Proforma Invoices It is possible in Master Terminal to produce a cargo report that includes proforma charge amounts for any configured invoice line. This means that charges like storage can be included in a cargo report. If you have an invoice license with invoicing configured, you can configured proforma invoices, you do not need a… Read More

8.4.1 CASH Invoice Proforma

Cash Collection Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the Cash Collection screen in Master Terminal 8.4.1. New configuration, ‘Cash Show Parent and Child Items’ option to show child cargo charges when a parent BOL is entered in cash collection and to show the parent charges when a BOL that represents child cargo is entered. New configuration, ‘Cash Show… Read More

8.4.1 CASH Proforma

Pro forma Invoices

Master Terminal 8.4.1 allows pro forma invoices to be configured and displayed for any cargo type.Previously pro forma invoices were only available as part of the cash module, from 8.4.1 pro forma invoices are part of general invoicing.Invoice ConfigurationTwo buttons are available in Invoice Configuration, the first allows pro forma invoices to be configured. The… Read More