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Invoicing Pre-notified Cargo

You can now include Created transactions for pre‑notified cargo items in your cargo-based transaction map. This lets you map an invoice line to the Created transaction in the transaction map and generate an invoice line when you create a pre‑notified cargo item. >>To configure a Created transaction to create a charge for a pre-notified cargo… Read More

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Externally Monitored Cargo

Externally monitored reefer containers are becoming common meaning Terminals need to be methodical when determining whether a reefer requires manual monitoring at the terminal. You can now configure a default value for the ‘Is Externally Monitored’ check box for an operator. The default value is then used when you: Create a pre‑notified reefer container either… Read More

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Booking Prenote Picker

In the Road Gate if a booking id is entered in the ‘new item’ field a picker is shown.This picker will show the booking items and any pre notified cargo that are attached to the booking item.Prenotes can be manually bulk selected. As long as those selected have matching data e.g. the same cargo type,… Read More

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COPARN EDI for Pre-Notes

The SMDG standards define that a COPARN EDIFACT file should be used for: “an order to release, to make available, to accept or to call down containers or to announce the impending arrival of containers”. With the introduction of the verified gross mass into the Coparn message format, Operators are using this message to transmit… Read More

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Prenote PIN for VGM

Users can now configure whether a Prenote PIN is issued based on whether the VGM details are provided for Export full containers during pre-notification. In the Terminal Ops>Terminal Config screen, go to the VGM tab. Once the option is unticked (turned off), all Prenotes must have the VGM details included when saving to generate a… Read More