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Gate Reports by Cargo Type

Road GateThe driver instructions and road receipt reports are configurable.A new enhancement now allows different report designs by cargo attributes.The Driver Instructions, and Reprint Driver Instructions now have the ability to choose report designs by cargo criteria.Click the ellipse button to see the configured reports.Click the Add or Update button to maintain the report and… Read More

JRW Reports

User Defined Reports

Master Terminal allows you to create a report design and a selector query and join them together. That report can then be run manually or automatically on the background process.Note. Reports have security against them so only certain users can see the report, edit and run the report.User Defined QueryUse the item selector to create… Read More

8.4.2 Invoice JRW Reefer Yard Allocations

Reefer Monitoring Updates

Reefer Monitoring in Master Terminal is now further configurable so reefers can be set as externally monitored.  This means any temperature readings for reefers that are externally monitored can be automatically voided for invoicing purposes.  Furthermore, you can now determine how monitoring is on-charged if a container’s monitoring status is changed while at a terminal.… Read More

8.1.1 Invoice JRW

Amounts as Words

If you need to see an amount written in words on a report Master Terminal has the following translatable words that are used to produce the correct words in the written amount.In the Text Translation screen search for the following ‘Text Messages’ :‘dollars’, ‘cents’ & ‘and’.  Click edit and in your chosen locale enter the… Read More

8.3.1 CASH Invoice JRW SQL

Financial Queries, Data Extract & Reporting

In Master Terminal 8.3.1 the Item Selector Query, Summaries, SQL Extract and JRW Views have been enhanced to include Invoices, Invoice Lines, Cash Payments and Cash Receipts. ITEM SELECTORNow includes modes for Invoices, Invoice Lines, Cash Payments and Cash Receipts.Queries can be saved and used to create JRW reports in Report maintenance.All 4 modes include limited… Read More