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Invoicing Pre-notified Cargo

You can now include Created transactions for pre‑notified cargo items in your cargo-based transaction map. This lets you map an invoice line to the Created transaction in the transaction map and generate an invoice line when you create a pre‑notified cargo item. >>To configure a Created transaction to create a charge for a pre-notified cargo… Read More

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Vessel Rates

You can define vessel rates, which work in a similar way to shipping line rates; for example, you can define a rate for tieing up a specific vessel if it takes longer than other vessels. You can also define rates for specified vessel types, vessel visit types, and berths. The Service Schedule screen enables you… Read More

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Currency Type Maintenance

Master Terminal now lets you define multiple currencies and maintain their exchange rates on the Currency Type Maintenance screen. The currency types are used for reporting purposes only. Access the Currency Type Maintenance screen from the Invoicing folder in your System Items folder in your Navigator pane. Firstly, describe each currency that you want to… Read More

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Invoice Health Check

A new screen in Master Terminal allows you to check your invoice module configuration.The new screen is called Invoice Health Check and runs from the Invoice Configuration.The Invoice Health Check screen is read only, it tells you what configuration is missing and if configuration is possibly not going to work. It also will show you… Read More

851.120 Invoice Query

Using Selector Queries for Monthly Invoice Reporting

The Selector screen now lets you query invoices by invoice end date or invoice start date, which lets you do monthly invoice reporting via a saved selector query rather than having to create a new report each month. The following query options are now available. Invoice End Date is available to Invoice mode queries. Invoice… Read More