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Cargo Discrepancy Charging

A Discrepancy transaction is created when you use the Cargo Discrepancy screen to record a discrepancy for bulk or break-bulk cargo. The transaction records the original cargo amount, the new cargo amount, and the difference between the old and new amounts. Other config settings: The Discrepancy transaction includes before and after values of the Tare… Read More

861.100 BOL Invoice Query Selector screen transaction map

BOL Transaction Invoicing

Transaction Map There is now a section on the transaction map for BOL Transactions. All BOL transaction types are now available to be mapped to an invoice line. Calculation Types BOL centric calculation types have been created, these allow the quantity to be Value of 1 Total Weight of all BOL Items on the BOL… Read More

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Audit Selector Queries

The Selector screen lets you perform an audit query, which you can save and then use to provide the source data for an audit query report. When the Selector screen is in Audit Details mode, you can perform an audit query on any auditable entity (=Object Type property in your query criteria); for example, invoices,… Read More

851.160 Invoice Proforma Reports

Cargo Reporting With Proforma Charges like Demurrage

Proforma Invoices It is possible in Master Terminal to produce a cargo report that includes proforma charge amounts for any configured invoice line. This means that charges like storage can be included in a cargo report. If you have an invoice license with invoicing configured, you can configured proforma invoices, you do not need a… Read More


Billing by Location

Some cargo transactions are stamped with the location of the event that the transaction represents. The following are the transaction types that have a yard location. Aggregated AggregatedComplete Attach Connect Create DamageLocation Detach DisconnectTower Merge Move Pack Packaged PackagedComplete ReceiveShip ReleaseShip Split Storage Unpack UnpackComplete It is now possible to use the location on the… Read More