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Advanced Notice of End-Of-Life for Master Terminal Applications Running on Windows Mobile (Windows CE)

Advanced Notice End-of-life for Master Terminal applications running on Windows Mobile (Windows CE) End of support for Master Terminal Windows-based Applications Jade Logistics Group (JLG) is planning to upgrade the underlying JADE technology environment on which Master Terminal is deployed from JADE 7.1 to JADE 2016 in the Master Terminal release scheduled for February 2019.… Read More

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Voyage Operations Cargo Moves Confirmations

ConfirmationWhen split-able cargo is moved in Master Terminal a confirmation dialog is shown and the user can enter an amount to move. Non split-able break bulk and bulk, plus vehicles and containers do not normally get a confirmation message for moves.A new option is available on the Voyage Operations query parameters. ‘Confirm all moves for… Read More

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Voyage Operations Planned Location Option

Planned LocationsIn Voyage Operations when discharging and loading a location must be specified for the move.If the cargo is pre planned the user has to remember to set the move location to be the planned location. This presents an issue as cargo could be accidentally moved to a wrong location.for example these cargo items have been… Read More

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Lander App – Ship Release Requests

It is now possible to use ship release requests and the Lander app  to move containers to a LOLO slot without needing a machine move in Master Terminal.Ship release requests for empty containers can already be ‘planned’ to slots on the LOLO voyage in the normal way (create a load job and during planning right… Read More

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Jade Hand Held Apps Close Button

If the Master Terminal Jade hand held apps are run on a windows desktop PC or windows tablet the minimize, maximize and close buttons are shown. The close button can be accidently tapped when using certain applications.So a new configuration option is available to hide all Jade HH toolbar buttons. This setting removes the buttons… Read More