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Searching for Cargo in the Road Gate Picker screen

You can configure the Road Gate Picker screen to display a filter, which makes it easier to find a cargo item if the list is large. To display the filter in the Picker screen when processing cargo on the Road Gate screen, check the Show Filter in Picker check box on the Gate sheet of… Read More

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Gate Reports by Cargo Type

Road GateThe driver instructions and road receipt reports are configurable.A new enhancement now allows different report designs by cargo attributes.The Driver Instructions, and Reprint Driver Instructions now have the ability to choose report designs by cargo criteria.Click the ellipse button to see the configured reports.Click the Add or Update button to maintain the report and… Read More

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Booking Prenote Picker

In the Road Gate if a booking id is entered in the ‘new item’ field a picker is shown.This picker will show the booking items and any pre notified cargo that are attached to the booking item.Prenotes can be manually bulk selected. As long as those selected have matching data e.g. the same cargo type,… Read More

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Bulk Gate

A new gate screen has been added to Master Terminal to allow better handling of bulk cargo types where no terminal machines are active in Master Terminal and the process basically involves taking a weight on the inward and then again on the outward parts of the process.Bulk Gate in and Bulk Gate Out.Bulk Gate… Read More

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Road Gate VGM Update

The Road Gate screen has been updated so that the total weight of a full export container can be recorded as the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) and the supporting VGM information captured against the Container Record in Master Terminal when receiving the container into the Terminal. Once the container is received into the Terminal, the… Read More