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EDI Party Enquiry – Coparn

EDI Party Enquiry is part of the EDI functions of Master Terminal. ┬áIt allows users to configure how certain EDI messages are processed, given Operators often use standard EDI formats differently to relate information to the terminals. Based on feedback from terminals, Master Terminal enables users to determine how values in EDI messages load into… Read More

BAPLIE EDI remain on board ROB

Processing Remain-On-Board Cargo in BAPLIE Files

Terminal configuration settings help to reduce the amount of manual intervention required to process Remain-On-Board (ROB) cargo in a BAPLIE file for a vessel that is loading/discharging cargo in your port. You can configure the system to: Use default cargo values for ROB cargo when loading a BAPLIE file into the system – which enables… Read More

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CODECO D00B EDI Message Format

Master Terminal supports Container gate-in/gate-out report (CODECO) messages in different formats and standards. Master Terminal can now send CODECO messages according to the SMDG version 2.13 standard. This is a UN/EDIFACT 00B standard. The new message format is called STANDARD CODECO SMDG213 in the CAMs Protocol code table, shown in the following diagram. The current… Read More

EDI EDI actions modify user-defined EDI

EDI File Actions Explained

EDI file actions tell Master Terminal what to do with the data in an incoming EDI file; for example, whether to add a new record or overwrite an existing record. The following table lists EDI file actions that Master Terminal recognizes when it processes user-defined EDI files. Use the Modify action instead of the Update… Read More

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KiwiRail EDI Message

A web service is available to send cargo information in an XML message to KiwiRail when a train departs from your terminal. Contact KiwiRail to get the details that you need to set up the KiwiRail message in Master Terminal. >To set up the KiwiRail XML message Configure the KiwiRail web service, by using the… Read More