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Changes to the Cash Collection Screen in Release

From release one version of the Cash Collection screen only will be available. Currently, two versions of the Cash Collection screen are available (original and current), which depend on your configuration settings. We are both versions of the Cash Collection screens into one new version to improve the performance of the screen and to… Read More

851.170 CASH Voyage Operations

Voyage Proforma Cash Payments

Cash proforma invoicing can now handle voyage charges. For a vessel voyage events and HMS resources can be configured. In cash collection if a voyage is selected and its vessel has been configured for proforma, an extra line is added for the voyage charges: The Invoiced, Estimated and Extra columns all work the same as… Read More

851.130 CASH

Cash Tax

The invoice configuration of tax code and rate on a service has been extended to be shown in the cash collection screen. There are 3 modes to using tax with cash. No Tax Invoice Tax Invoice Line Tax No Tax is when the following Invoice Configuration screen option is set like this: and the Cash… Read More

8.4.2 CASH Invoice

Cash Rounding

Master Terminal’s cash module has a new enhancement – payment amount rounding.It is possible to round up or down the cash payment total to then nearest whole amount.If rounding is configured and applied a special rounding invoice line is added to the cash invoice to record the different.Cash Rounding Setup1) Setup Invoice Line Type  Set… Read More

8.4.1 CASH Invoice Proforma

Cash Collection Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the Cash Collection screen in Master Terminal 8.4.1. New configuration, ‘Cash Show Parent and Child Items’ option to show child cargo charges when a parent BOL is entered in cash collection and to show the parent charges when a BOL that represents child cargo is entered. New configuration, ‘Cash Show… Read More