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Consignee and Consignor Data Access

For third party access to Master Terminal, you can now have an extra level of security around what your customers can see.Specifically for consignee and consignor access, you can now determine whether cargo items that have both the consignee and consignor in the same data access group, or whether only one of the consignee or… Read More

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Release Request EDI Comparison

We have updated the User Defined EDI functionality recently.   This includes adding new fields for mapping under the Release Request User defined EDI file type (Booking Confirmation Number for rail and Cargo Remarks for all releases) and additional functionality to compare EDI data with what information is already in the database. The EDI comparison… Read More

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GC Area Allocation Ranges

It is now possible in Master Terminal to enter yard allocations for general cargo areas as a range. The ground areas labelled G1 – G8 can now be part of a yard allocation by entering a range. For more complicated GC area layouts the drag select option has been extended. These individual locations can then… Read More

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User Defined EDI – Updates for VGM

The EDI user defined file type functionality allows users to create their own mapping definitions so that CSV, fixed length and simple xml files can be loaded into the Master Terminal database.The following EDI data types have been updated to include the VGM details (Is weight certified, Authorised Person who certified weight and Weight Certify… Read More

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COPRAR Updated for VGM

From the 1st July 2016, in line with the SOLAS requirements, COPRAR EDI will now include the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) details on full containers loaded and discharged from a vessel. Following the SMDG guidelines for COPRAR, Master Terminal has updated the Cargo Comparison screen so that the VGM, authorised person and responsible party can… Read More