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Hazardous Details Screen Enhancement

There was a restriction on the Hazardous Details screen that let you use a hazard class once only. This prevented you from recording multiple hazards for different UNDG codes of the same hazard class; for example: Hazard Class: 8, UN: 3264, Packing group III Hazard Class: 8, UN: 1824, Packing group III  The Hazardous Details… Read More

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Cargo Availability Check for Release Cargo

You can configure the system to check cargo availability when gating in a truck. The cargo availability check is designed to prevent you from gating in more trucks than there is cargo available to fulfill a release request so that trucks do not leave empty or short-handed. An error is displayed if there is insufficient… Read More

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Cargo Icon Priority

JMT has ‘icons’ for cargo attributes that are used in graphic displays. How and if these icons are displayed has always been hard coded by the developer. A new enhancement now allows users to configure the order that icons are presented for display. Because of limited space when displaying cargo graphically, typically only 1 or… Read More

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Cargo Auto Volume Calculation

A new feature has been added to auto calculate the total volume for Break Bulk and Bulk cargo types that use the “Allow Auto Volume Display xQty” option.The system is going to use the following calculation: Total Volume =((L x H x W) x Quantity Pieces) x Total Quantity .If the [quantity Pieces] or the… Read More

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Cargo Weight Fields

Cargo has tare weight, cargo weight and total weight. EDI User Defined The ability to update tare and cargo weights via EDI has been included in the following EDI types: EDI User Defined Prenote  EDI User Defined Cargo on Ship  EDI User Defined Cargo on Site Cargo Transactions When cargo transactions are created cargo information… Read More