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Cargo Auto Volume Calculation

A new feature has been added to auto calculate the total volume for Break Bulk and Bulk cargo types that use the “Allow Auto Volume Display xQty” option.The system is going to use the following calculation: Total Volume =((L x H x W) x Quantity Pieces) x Total Quantity .If the [quantity Pieces] or the… Read More

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Bulk Gate

A new gate screen has been added to Master Terminal to allow better handling of bulk cargo types where no terminal machines are active in Master Terminal and the process basically involves taking a weight on the inward and then again on the outward parts of the process.Bulk Gate in and Bulk Gate Out.Bulk Gate… Read More

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Yard Allocation Splits

If you are discharging a single bulk or break bulk item that is very large and will be placed in to several yard locations, it is now possible to create yard allocations across multiple bulk or break bulk locations and have the capacity of the locations taken into account. A new combobox has been added… Read More

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GC Voyage Graphic

The Bulk / Break Bulk Monitoring screen is new in Master Terminal 842.050. It is a side profile of a general cargo voyage showing the holds defined and the cargo in those holds. A vessel can have holds and hold locations defined with a capacity: In the new screen those holds can be selected and… Read More

8.4.1 Break Bulk Bulk Cargo KPI

TEU Count on Cargo

In Master Terminal it is possible to set the TEU conversion rate on each cargo type.In Cargo Type maintenance it is possible to set a conversion rate and a divider to get accurate TEU count on any cargo item.For the container cargo type there is a conversion for each container length that Master Terminal handles… Read More