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Audit Selector Queries

The Selector screen lets you perform an audit query, which you can save and then use to provide the source data for an audit query report. When the Selector screen is in Audit Details mode, you can perform an audit query on any auditable entity (=Object Type property in your query criteria); for example, invoices,… Read More

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Invoice Maintenance Auditing

Invoice Maintenance AuditingAll of the maintenance screens in the invoicing module now have standard auditing.The following items are now audited; the audits can be viewed in line (right click in the UI) or from the Audit Enquiry.Business Unit Maintenance (CM_Bank)Calculation Types (CM_CalculationType)Debtor Financial Periods (CM_DebtorBankInvTypeDtl)Financial Periods (CM_FinancialPeriodEnd)General Ledger Codes (CM_GLCode)Invoice Types (CM_InvoiceDesc)Invoice Line Charge Mapping… Read More

8.1.1 Audits System

Auditing Warning Messages

Master Terminal displays Errors and Warnings to uses as part of validating the operation that is occurring. If a warning is displayed the user can accept that warning and carrying with the operation. Master Terminal has the ability to record  if a user accepts and chooses to continue  pass a warning. In System Administration is… Read More