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Audit Selector Queries

The Selector screen lets you perform an audit query, which you can save and then use to provide the source data for an audit query report. When the Selector screen is in Audit Details mode, you can perform an audit query on any auditable entity (=Object Type property in your query criteria); for example, invoices,… Read More

8.4.1 Admin ToDoTask

User Transaction Type Changes

In Master Terminal 8.4.1 the following changes have been made to the use of system transaction types in the creation of To Do Task Types and User Defined Transactions.Transaction Type Maintenance‘Can Complete ToDo Task’ has been removed.‘Class to Create’ is now limited to use the following system class types: Task Add Fumigate Task Complete HardLined… Read More

8.2.2 Admin Cargo Releases Yard

Quick Find ( f10 )

Quick FindNavigation around the Master Terminal features is typically performed via the Navigator tree, or via a context menu from a related object.An additional navigation feature added to Master Terminal in 8.2.2 is a ‘Quick Find’ feature. ‘Quick Find’ is activated via the ‘f10’ function key, from almost any screen in Master Terminal.As the name… Read More

Admin Cargo

Configurable Cargo Enquiry

The Cargo Enquiry is the first screen in JMT to have the new feature of configurability added to it.This screen has many sheets to show all the different categories of data.A context menu option ‘Configure…’ allows you to choose what fields are used on each sheet and even create your own sheets of fields.By cargo type it… Read More

8.1.2 Admin Config

Where oh where is that config option set?

JMT has a lot (and I mean a LOT) of config options and they are set in many different places.In an attempt to make it easier to find config options, we have created a new form Find Configure Options which can be found on the View main menu.It displays all the JMT config options, and… Read More