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Web-Based Vehicle Application Graphical View Options

There wasn’t room in the previous post to show you the view options in the web-based Vehicle application graphical view. Click the Toolbox button in the graphical view area to display the additional view options toolbar. You can use the: Center button to center your view back onto the target cargo item in the yard… Read More

Categories vehicle app Web apps

Graphical View Added to the Web-Based Vehicle Application

A graphical view option is now available in the web-based Vehicle application. The graphical view gives you a visual representation within the yard area of the source and target location of a cargo item in a task after you accept that task. The graphical view is displayed only for cargo in gridded yard areas; that… Read More

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Hazardous Details Screen Enhancement

There was a restriction on the Hazardous Details screen that let you use a hazard class once only. This prevented you from recording multiple hazards for different UNDG codes of the same hazard class; for example: Hazard Class: 8, UN: 3264, Packing group III Hazard Class: 8, UN: 1824, Packing group III  The Hazardous Details… Read More