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Setting the IMEX Status of Import Empty Containers after Discharge

By default the system changes the IMEX status of import empty containers to Storage when they are discharged from a voyage. The Cargo Receival IMEX Transition screen enables you to configure the IMEX status that is applied to specified cargo when it is discharged from a voyage at your terminal. The IMEX status of import… Read More

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Vessel Rates

You can define vessel rates, which work in a similar way to shipping line rates; for example, you can define a rate for tieing up a specific vessel if it takes longer than other vessels. You can also define rates for specified vessel types, vessel visit types, and berths. The Service Schedule screen enables you… Read More

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Attaching Generator Sets to Reefers and Trailers

You can now attach a generator set to ISO containers and trailers (or chassis) in your fleet master by using the Fleet Maintenance screen or via the Fleet user-defined EDI file. Defining which generators are attached to which trailers or ISO containers in your fleet master helps to speed up data entry as well as… Read More

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Currency Type Maintenance

Master Terminal now lets you define multiple currencies and maintain their exchange rates on the Currency Type Maintenance screen. The currency types are used for reporting purposes only. Access the Currency Type Maintenance screen from the Invoicing folder in your System Items folder in your Navigator pane. Firstly, describe each currency that you want to… Read More