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Gate Reports by Cargo Type

Road GateThe driver instructions and road receipt reports are configurable.A new enhancement now allows different report designs by cargo attributes.The Driver Instructions, and Reprint Driver Instructions now have the ability to choose report designs by cargo criteria.Click the ellipse button to see the configured reports.Click the Add or Update button to maintain the report and… Read More

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Invoice Maintenance Auditing

Invoice Maintenance AuditingAll of the maintenance screens in the invoicing module now have standard auditing.The following items are now audited; the audits can be viewed in line (right click in the UI) or from the Audit Enquiry.Business Unit Maintenance (CM_Bank)Calculation Types (CM_CalculationType)Debtor Financial Periods (CM_DebtorBankInvTypeDtl)Financial Periods (CM_FinancialPeriodEnd)General Ledger Codes (CM_GLCode)Invoice Types (CM_InvoiceDesc)Invoice Line Charge Mapping… Read More