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Release Request EDI Comparison

We have updated the User Defined EDI functionality recently.   This includes adding new fields for mapping under the Release Request User defined EDI file type (Booking Confirmation Number for rail and Cargo Remarks for all releases) and additional functionality to compare EDI data with what information is already in the database. The EDI comparison… Read More

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Saving Extraction Formats

To further streamline the process of extracting files from Master Terminal, the last file format used will become the default for next time. From the EDI Operations screen, select the file you want to extract, and click the ‘Extract New’ button. The last format you used will appear as the format for the next extraction.… Read More

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Tasks and Stops on Release Requests

Master Terminal has the ability to apply stops and to do tasks to cargo items. If the cargo item is configured to be able to split and merge, so that it can be stored in multiple locations; when a stop or task is applied to the cargo it is added to the cargo across the… Read More