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Cargo Weight Fields

Cargo has tare weight, cargo weight and total weight. EDI User Defined The ability to update tare and cargo weights via EDI has been included in the following EDI types: EDI User Defined Prenote  EDI User Defined Cargo on Ship  EDI User Defined Cargo on Site Cargo Transactions When cargo transactions are created cargo information… Read More

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Bulk Gate

A new gate screen has been added to Master Terminal to allow better handling of bulk cargo types where no terminal machines are active in Master Terminal and the process basically involves taking a weight on the inward and then again on the outward parts of the process.Bulk Gate in and Bulk Gate Out.Bulk Gate… Read More

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RORO Vehicle Location and Discharge Application

Vehicle Lander RORO Confirmation Handheld Application provides the ability to ‘land’ vehicles directly into a RORO lane area and discharge them from a vessel in one easy process.  It enables users to confirm RORO cargo positioning in a RORO lane as the user walks along a lane. Select the application from the Handheld App Menu.… Read More

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IFCSUM – Ship Manifests

Master Terminal can now receive information for imports using the IFCSUM EDI format (version D:94B). A new IFCSUM tab has been added to the EDI Party Maintenance form to allow information in the EDI file to be mapped to specific fields in Master Terminal. This tab also specifies various options in the IFCSUM format. If… Read More

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Wagon Classes

Master Terminal’s rail module includes the ability to define wagon classes. The wagon class defines the physical dimensions of the wagon as well as weight restrictions, position labels, wagon seal types and can also limit a wagon class use to particular consignees.There are 4 types of wagon classes – flat, box, well and skeleton.Flat Car… Read More