Categories Break Bulk Bulk Yard Allocations

Yard Allocation Splits

If you are discharging a single bulk or break bulk item that is very large and will be placed in to several yard locations, it is now possible to create yard allocations across multiple bulk or break bulk locations and have the capacity of the locations taken into account. A new combobox has been added… Read More

Categories GUI

Close All Windows

In Master Terminal 842.090 there is a new option to close all windows open in the Master Terminl window. This option closes all windows except the navigator. Here is a video of the new feature in action.

Categories Security System VGM

Cargo VGM Maintenance Security Permission

There is now an additional Terminal Permission specifically for updating and managing VGM details. Additional security category has been set up to prevent anybody from editing a VGM once it has been saved. Users who are authorised to update the VGM details will have a special permission to do this. Go to System Items> System… Read More

Categories VGM

VGM Updates for Cargo Comparison

A new Terminal Configuration is available to select whether the VGM details can be updated in the Cargo Comparison screen. This will be turned on by default, but when the terminal configuration is turned off, the ‘Is Weight certified’, ‘Weight Certified By’ or ‘Authorised Person for Certified Weigh’ will not be available in the list of fields… Read More

Categories Prenote VGM

Prenote PIN for VGM

Users can now configure whether a Prenote PIN is issued based on whether the VGM details are provided for Export full containers during pre-notification. In the Terminal Ops>Terminal Config screen, go to the VGM tab. Once the option is unticked (turned off), all Prenotes must have the VGM details included when saving to generate a… Read More